The best barbecue, bbq smoked brisket in Odessa Texas

The best smoked barbecue and brisket takes a lot of time and effort. Bar-B-Q Barn in Odessa tx takes a lot of pride in the smoked brisket and in barbecue ribs. We know there are plenty of places to get bbq in Odessa, Tx but we encourage you to try the Bar-B-Q Barn soon. Amazing barbecue that melts in your mouth, ribs and smoked brisket that is so tender and moist.

Best bbq in Odessa! Best barbecue in Odessa Welcome to the BBQ Barn!

Smoked Briskets - over thirty hours

Bar-B-Q Barn in Odessa takes barbecue seriously. How many barbecue joints spend more than 30 hours to cook and perfect every brisket? Only the Bar-B-Q Barn. Smoked BBQ brisket doesnt have to be dry or tough. Brisket thats tender and moist is our specialty here at the bbq barn.